Thursday, February 19, 2009

A visit to Jothindra's

Many of you may not be familiar with him as he left CKC mid way and joined another school. But we were sitting next to each other at Sarada Vilas High School, I think in the 9th. We had been in touch even after his education, because the cricket link was still in tact. We used to play tennis-ball-cricket quite a lot and practised together for some time and he belonged to the rival team. This is the same boy in the 1965 class group picture standing second from right, top row.

His job has taken him to Udupi presently. After a long gap, he bumped in again this time through the net because one of my blogs bumped him accidentally!! I hope he will have something to say in the comment box below.... I want him to say because he is also getting into blogosphere in recent times with many articles and he has many memories.

It was my good fortune to visit him at his home yesterday because I knew he was in town for a short stop over. The visit is now documented in the foreground of some Cassia flowers.