Thursday, August 30, 2007

Some of us meet

Meeting old mates is always a joy and a much looked forward programme. Another old mate Shantala invited us for her daughter Padma's wedding in Bangalore on 30th August, 2007. Some of us could make it on the eve of 30th, that is on 29th since most of us found this convenient. I had been to Bangalore that day to be there for my daughter's CET Engineering seat selection (she retained what was chosen earlier since no openings in 'better' colleges came that day, Vidya Vikas College, Mysore, Civil Engg.). The next morning we had to get the admission done since it was a very auspicious day. It was done by 1 pm as scheduled after we rushed back on 30th. Coming back, it happened to be an enjoyable evening as it gave the opportunity to meet, esp. to a few who were seeing each other after decades. The fun in trying to identify the face from memory is quite something even for the beholder!
Here are some of the pictures that were taken from my small camera:
Rupa [Machaiah], Rohini, Mrs. and Mr.A.R.Rajaram, [Dr.] H.R.Ravi, V.G.Jaishree and 'us' met.